The first tournament was in the year 2000 and was the brainchild of Mr Ken Bennett, who set out to raise some cash in appreciation of his grandchildren’s care in what was, at that time, Princess Margaret Hospital for Children. The new Perth Children’s Hospital is now operational, and the tournament has been re-badged accordingly.

The tournament caters for a broad range of abilities, and each division is carefully constructed to produce evenly balanced, exciting contests. The active aim is to spread the involvement and engage players from various tennis clubs in Perth and the Margaret River region.

The tournament has grown significantly and has been generously supported by many individuals and companies. After being kindly hosted by Next Generation King’s Park for many years, we have, in more recent years, been especially indebted to the committee and members of Cottesloe Tennis Club, who have provided a magnificent venue for the event. Further information on more of our supporters is given in the Supporters link in the footer of this page. There would not be a PCH Tennis Classic without these great people and organisations.

The PCH Tennis Classic is always fully booked well ahead of the close-off date. Every effort is made to ensure we accommodate a large group of ‘regulars’ who have supported the event year after year and created the wonderful atmosphere that is a hallmark of the tournament.

Projects Supported

For most of the years of the tournament, the funds raised have gone to the hospital foundation’s general account, from which they are allocated to projects. However, in 2017, the organising team began working with the Foundation (now the Perth Children’s Hospital Foundation) to target specific projects which the Foundation presents for selection.

2022 – Move to Improve

Move to Improve is a 5-tier Multidisciplinary Research project that aims to establish the first Paediatric tertiary-based clinical exercise service for children with a chronic disease or illness such as cancer, diabetes, cerebral palsy or burns.

2021 – Giraffe Shuttle

The Giraffe Shuttle helps to reduce clinical complications resulting from cold stress when newborns are transported throughout the hospital.

2020 – no tournament (COVID)

2019 – Music Therapy

The Music Therapy program helps children with acquired brain injuries and spinal and neurological conditions.

Every day children hospitalised face life-changing consequences due to their injury and diagnosis. Disease, injury, and illness can affect individuals’ cognitive, physical, emotional, and independent functioning and have a long-lasting impact on their families. Children who require both long and short term hospital stays can face uncertainty and increased risk of paediatric medical stress due to their hospital experience.

Music therapy has proven a valuable and effective specialist complementary service for patients at Perth Children’s Hospital, and this support has enabled the program to continue helping kids in WA.

2018 – Neo-Natal ICU Extended Monitoring

The Neo-Natal Intensive Care unit currently follows up with children until they turn 1. The hospital has requested funding to extend the time frame for scheduled check-ups in order to earlier detect any further issues in the 2nd and 3rd years of life. This project enables earlier intervention if needed, and prevention of potential motor and developmental disabilities.

2017 – Part-fund equipment for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

These very sick patients require rapid bedside sonographic imaging by medical staff for the placement of central intravascular lines and rapid head, heart and abdominal imaging pending specialist investigations.  A Sonosite X-Porte bedside ultrasound machine meets all the day-to-day requirements of ICU patients.

2000-2016 – Foundation’s General Account